Training to help single and teenage parents to access work

States and territories across the country will receive an additional $20 million from the Gillard Government to provide training for single and teenage parents to help them join the workforce.

Announcing the funding today, the Minister for Skills, Senator Chris Evans, said the funding would give single and teenage parents on income support access to vocational training from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma.

“The training will give eligible single and teenage parents the skills and job-readiness they need to participate in the modern workforce,” Senator Evans said.

“These parents can make a significant contribution to the workforce.

“The Gillard Government, with our state and territory partners, is committed to giving these parents the best opportunity to gain the skills they need to secure their futures.

“Training will open up new opportunities for single parents to return to work, possibly after a long period out of the workforce.

“It also boosts the job prospects for teenage parents participating in the Helping Young Parents measure and is part of a comprehensive and coordinated range of services supported by all levels of government in 10 locations around Australia.”

Parents will have the opportunity to discuss training options with their Job Services Australia or Disability Employment Services provider, or the Department of Human Services.

Where training is the agreed pathway, eligible parents may be referred to appropriate training courses that, as far as possible, fit with their parenting responsibilities

This funding, combined with funding already committed to the National Partnership on Training Places for Single and Teenage Parents, means the Australian Government will contribute $37 million in 2012 to help eligible single and teenage parents access vocational training from certificate level II to advanced diploma.


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