National skills partnership set to deliver for NT

'A Looming Threat', Australia, The Outback, Pine Creek A new partnership between the Gillard Government and Northern Territory Government will see more Territorians get the training they need to secure employment.
Federal Minister for Skills, Senator Chris Evans has approved the first Implementation Plan for a state or territory under the National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform worth more than $18.1 million over five years.
Senator Evans said the Gillard Government has committed an extra $1.75 billion under the Agreement to transform the nation’s training system. This is in addition to the
$1.4 billion already allocated to states and territories each year.
The key elements of the $1.75 billion reform package include:
a national training entitlement giving working age Australians access to a government subsidised training place for the first time
expansion of interest-free loans to higher level VET qualifications
launch of the My Skills website to help students and industry can make an informed choice about the training that best suits them
introduction of a student identifier for the nation’s VET system
measures to raise the quality of skills training and increase completion rates.
“These vital reforms will deliver the improvements necessary to ensure our VET system can respond effectively and efficiently to industry and employer needs at a time when the economy is undergoing significant and rapid change,” Senator Evans said.
Member for Lingiari, Warren Snowdon, welcomed the partnership, saying it would make a big difference to people across the Territory.
“The partnership means greater job prospects and long-term security for Territorians in the bush and in town, because more people will get the training and the skills they need to get and keep a good job,” Minister Snowden said.
3 October 2012

Senator Trish Crossin said the NT’s plan was a good first step which would go a long way towards transforming the nation’s training system.
“The NT plan sets out the strategies to be implemented over the next five years which will help reform the national system,” Senator Crossin said.
“Importantly, the plan will ensure public providers continue to be supported while implementing the skills reforms—this will ensure continuation of existing services to meet community service obligations, particularly in remote delivery areas.”

Image: Christopher Schoenbohm via Compfight

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