Legend for qualification areas



Comprises qualifications relating to food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing; meat; racing; rural and related industries and seafood.


Comprises qualifications relating to community services, aged care, home and community care, disability, mental health, childrens services, leisure and health, youth work, youth justice, education support and pastoral care.


Comprises qualifications relating to construction and property services for businesses that design, build, maintain, manage or protect property.


Comprises qualifications relating to the forest, wood, paper and timber products industry.

Innovation /Business

Comprises qualifications relating to six industry sectors: business services (customer contact; business administration; business information; business management; human resource management; international services); cultural industries (community cultural development; dance; entertainment; film, television and radio; library and information services; multimedia; museums, galleries and cultural heritage sites; music; performing arts and visual, arts, craft and design); training and education; financial services; information and communications technology; printing and graphics arts.


Comprises qualifications relating to language, literacy, numeracy and general education.


Comprises qualifications relating to the manufacturing sectors including aerospace, furnishing, laboratory operations, metal, engineering and boating, process manufacturing including chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral products, plastics and rubber, recreational vehicles, textiles, clothing and footwear.


Comprises qualifications relating to retail and wholesale, sport, fitness, community recreation, outdoor recreation, travel, tours, meetings and events, accommodation, restaurants and catering, caravans, hairdressing, beauty, floristry, community pharmacy and funeral services.

Transport and Logistics

Comprises qualifications relating to transport and logistics industry, which encompasses activities in road transport, warehousing, rail, aviation, maritime, logistics and ports.

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